German education is a dream come true for many. There is no contention to the fact that the numbers of post school aspirants are increasing than in the past. While it was the MS programs that were in the limelight, the attention of these aspirants have shifted to the undergraduate courses offered at German institutions. Even though the opportunities are limitless, a proper understanding about the applications and the procedures are still cloudy. Thus the need of a handout is justified, fortunately the one which you are reading.

Cost of education in Germany

As of now, education at public universities is free, but most of them have German as the medium. There are many private universities having English as the medium which can cost you around €13000 for the tuition fee and an additional €750 per month for living expenses on an average. But with the 120 full days or 240 half days you are permitted to work, the living expenses could be covered with ease. If you are earning less than €450 in a month then you are not liable to pay the taxes as well. 

German Universities in a Nutshell 

There are two types of universities in Germany, Technical universities (Techniche Hochschule) and applied universities (Fachoschule). The former concentrates more on research oriented studies on multiple disciplines and the latter is practice oriented, both offering courses in engineering, social sciences, medicine, business administration to name but a few. Applied science universities cope up with the academic standards of the technical ones which have a better global average in education.

When should you apply?

While the intakes for the undergrad programs start in September, it is advised that the preparation should be started before a year. If you plan to study German, you should have to prepare for it much earlier. As the applications are due in late May or early June, you should be filtering out the universities in the march itself, which is just after the 12th grade exams in India. 

What is the application procedure? 

Unlike the affiliation criteria in India, Each university in Germany has its own independent working protocols, which means the requirements vary from university to university. It is highly recommended that you visit the websites of universities under your watch and have an understanding about the paper works. 

Minimum Eligibility 

As a minimum requirement the aspirant should complete 18 years and have 90% of marks in the relevant subject combination depending on the field of study. There are examples of public universities reducing this percentage limit at times, so it is really worth giving a try. 

In the case of private universities the number can drop as low as 60%. In English/German proficiency tests, the candidate should score the minimum requirement depending on the demands of the university. Moreover, the student should also be able to furnish details of proof of funds or bank statements to support their living in Germany along with a Statement of Purpose (SOP). The SOP should clearly detail the academic brilliance of the student and the latent motivation for the candidate to pursue abroad studies in germany. 

Additional requirements

As per the university demands, you might be attending an entrance test (Aufnahmeprüfung) and the applications being submitted directly or through UNI-ASSIST (the University Application Service for International Students). On top of the excellent grades in your high schools, you need to study for DSH exam (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) or the TestDaF (formerly Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache, meaning “Test of German as a foreign language”). Above all these hardships, students are craving to study in the German academic centers. 

Where to apply?

As there are some reputed universities calling, some of the top ranked on the global scale are;

  1. Berlin Institute of Technology
  2. Technical University of Munich
  3. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  4. University of Freiburg
  5. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

The rankings of universities vary depending on the discipline you intend to study. It would be wise to check the discipline wise rankings to get an understanding about the standing of your dream one.

Accomodation Facilities in Germany

There are two types of accommodation available in Germany namely university managed and private accommodation. The cost of living would be greatly influenced by the type of accommodation you choose. 40% of the total cost will be for the stay which is roughly around €300 per month which translates to 25000 INR. Thus the cost of accommodation is never cheap, moreover health insurance is mandatory for international students to study in the country.


One of the most sought after questions about the German dreams is the availability of scholarships and Indians are eligible for the same. Being purely on the merit basis, international students can even avail a full-waiver of the tuition fees.

Some of the top ranked scholarships to look for in Germany are;

  1. BrokerFish international scholarship

The sole purpose of this scholarship is to help students to get insurance during their time of stay in Germany. With a maximum of $1000, the students planning their undergraduate studies in Germany can apply for the same. 

  1. Global study awards

In association with Study Portals, ISIC and British Council this scholarship is one of the biggest available in Germany for international students pursuing undergraduate studies. Only two students in an academic year are eligible for the same with a maximum amount of $10000. 

  1. Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship

One of the initiatives by the government of India to provide assistance to selected candidates pursuing their undergraduate studies in accredited universities abroad. 100 students in a year are eligible for this scholarship with a maximum cap of $33800. 

Altogether, a quality life in a first world country with every opportunity to flourish in your career is something Germany has on offer. Government provides job placement assistance to the students who excel in the field of study as well. Apart from other attractions like culture, tradition, history and a lot more, it is about global socializing. The opportunity to widen your horizon with the world leaders in quality education with global accreditation is waiting at your doorstep.

For more information on the eligibility criteria, application procedure, or course selection, feel free to reach out to our student success team.