What is a Blocked Account?

As the name indicates, a blocked account is an account locked with some money deposited in it that can’t be withdrawn until the account holder sets foot in Germany. It is one of the most popular means of showing one’s financial capacity, such that the account holder can bear his living expenses while residing in Germany.

Alternative options to a blocked account

Even though blocked accounts are the favorite of choices there are alternate ways to prove sufficient funding. They are:

  • Parent’s income records and financial status.
  • Scholarship certificate from a recognized institution.
  • Letter of commitment: It is a guarantee that a permanent resident in Germany is ready to meet your expenses in the country.
  • A bank guarantee.  

How much money should I have in my German blocked account?

As of 1st January 2021, a sum of €10,332 or 861€ per month is the estimated money that you should deposit in a German bank when you apply for a student visa. The sum is subject to change after proper intimation to the respective embassy of your nation. You can deposit more than what is required to be minimum since all that the German government wants is that you have sufficient funds to live.

The amount remitted for a month stands as the maximum amount that you can withdraw in a month from that account during your stay in Germany unless there is a deposit received in that account. Some of the service providers bundle health insurance, which is mandatory for a student, with the same.

Blocked account providers in Germany?

There are different aspects of consideration while choosing a blocked account provider in Germany similar to a bank account. Some of the most popular blocked account providers in Germany are:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Fintiba
  • Expatrio
  • Coracle
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank

Note that these banks are not on the complete list, instead, there are other providers too. The key is to choose a bank based on the ease of operation, safety, charges, and support. Let’s throw some light into the details so that you will be well equipped to choose your pick from the list mentioned above.

Choosing a bank to open a blocked account

Here are the factors you should consider while choosing a bank to open a blocked account.

  • Ease of operation 

The operation of blocked accounts before 2017 was usually old school. It was the monopoly of Deutsche Bank which used pen and paper and demanded personal verification at the embassy. The whole document has to travel to Germany and reach the corresponding embassy for you to open an account. 

But in 2017, the monopoly was broken and the rest of the service providers entered the space offering online services and other additional benefits. These new sprouts aren’t banks but are entities partnering with a financial institution.

  • Safety

It is the sole responsibility of the depositor to ensure that the money is in safe hands. The reliability and security of the banking institution should be taken into account along with their protection standards.

You should check the banking licence of the firm as one with a full banking license is the safest of choices as additional security standards can be expected in their system. Only an account with an institution with a full banking license will make you eligible for government insurance for your account. It is always better to start the account by yourself in your name so that you won’t get into legal complications.

  • Account fees

No services come free. You are entitled to pay for the service in three ways.

1.     The setup fees

2.     Monthly handling fee

3.     The extension fees

Different providers charge different rates for their service and there are many aspects of consideration. You shouldn’t compromise on the safety and security inoffensive to save some pennies and end up putting your whole money at stake.

In general, the firms without a full banking license are expected to charge lesser when compared to the ones having a full banking license.

  • Handling and transaction

While it can be urgent in many a time to get the account opened in a short time and the student to rush through the proceedings followed. While it took a week before, the digital procedures have made the task easier and reduced the time delay. Some providers complete the process in 10 minutes with automated AI intelligence.

Some accept euros only, so make sure that the provider you choose accepts global currencies.

Some offer an integrated current account with the blocked account and you should also be aware of the blocked account activation protocols after reaching Germany. Some insist that you should visit the branch and furnish documents for activation, some ask for just a visa or entry stamp upload.

  • Services

Most service providers have a mobile application to get through the procedure. You should be aware of the transfer limits as some limit the transfers to just once and some make you eligible for several transfers. If you are from any high-risk country as per the German government, there are chances that your transfer can be limited as per the regulations prevailing.

How to open a blocked bank account in Germany?

Now that you know the filters with which you can streamline your choice of financial institution for a blocked account in Germany, you should know the procedures of opening one.

1.     If the institution you chose has an online portal, you put up an application for a blocked account.

2.     You need to download and print the application form completed if your provider asks you so.

3.     If your provider asks for proper legalization at the German embassy (most of the providers don’t), then you should book an appointment for the same.

4.     Deposit the funds with your trusted institution.

5.     Get your blocking confirmation.

For more information on opening a German blocked account, get in touch with us.

Documents required

The documents you require may vary depending on your nationality and the protocols of your partner. At the least you need an ID card, say the passport, and you can upload a copy on the site and you will get your account ready. In the worst case, the following documents are to be furnished.

  • Application form completed
  • Valid Passport
  • Admission letter from the university
  • Income proof, preference a bank statement
  • A prepaid fee


  • Can I get a refund if my German visa gets rejected?

You are entitled to get a refund if any unfortunate circumstances show up, like your visa rejection.

  • Can a third party deposit on my behalf?

Yes, it is possible but it is advised that you deposit by yourself.

  • Where do I register my address for my blocked account?

You should register at the resident office registration department so that the bank will be able to send the details of your blocked account by post.

  • Is there a need for proof of the source of money deposited?

In most cases, you don’t have to, but in case asked, a bank statement will be more than enough.